Financial modeling with Advance Excel VBA

Financial Modeling using Excel VBA

In today’s dynamic world of quick data analytics business decisions are increasingly dependent on number crunching. Any business idea or project has to be backed with detailed and accurate information & analysis presented in a easy to understand and scalable format that can withstand the scrutiny of Managers and stakeholders. In financial domain, it becomes imperative that project proposals or business analysis has been done with correct modeling techniques which enables accurate forecasts, ‘what if’ Scenarios and design realistic forecasts.

It has been established that the ability to accurately and efficiently model the business problems, performance and solutions on a comprehensive financial model will determine the organization’s growth rate and success.

Financial modeling with Advance Excel VBA is relevant and highly successful practical course which will change the way you worked with Excel, models and analytics and take you a higher level of data analysis, modeling solutions, forecasting and automate redundant work with the power of VBA.
This course is divided in 4 parts :

financial modeling stages 

Who should do?

Financial modeling is a Skill set needed in Finance industry as well as in day to day business activities like accounting, market research, projecting outcomes, MIS reporting etc. This program is highly recommended to professionals working in finance & risk domains, managers working in a collaborative environment, Chartered Accountants , candidates pursuing career professional courses like ACTUARY / CFA / FRM / CA / ICWA / MBA. It is also useful for entrepreneurs and candidates involved in family businesses for business planning and day to day activities.

Job Profiles requiring Financial modeling Skill.

  1. Accounting and Taxation Profiles
  2. Business Process Outsourcing Profiles
  3. Merchant Banking profiles like Mergers & Acquisitions, Equity research & financial engineering.
  4. Research Agencies using statistical analysis like Credit Rating agencies etc.
  5. Data Analytics profiles
  6. Project Finance and corporate Finance profiles
  7. Online Free lancing work available on free lancing websites.
  8. Finance profiles in banks & corporates.
  9. Business Analyst profiles in IT companies like TCS, Infosys etc.

Course Requirements (Hardware and Software)

  1. Laptop / Notebook with Microsoft windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 Installed.
  2. Microsoft Excel 2010 or Microsoft Excel 2013 (recommended) installed.
  3. Internet and screen sharing software will be provided by the institute.

Course Curriculum

  1. Mastering the tool : Excel Basics and Advance Excel

  2. This Module Covers the most used Utilities on Excel ribbons, Functions (Text , Date ,Lookup , Financial ,Logical), formatting, Using Charts, Advance Excel tools (Pivot Table , Scenario manager , Goal Seek , Data Validation , Solver , Advance Formatting) used for Data Analysis.

  3. Getting the Edge : Excel VBA /Macro programming

  4. This Module covers Basic Programming concepts in Visual Basic Environment , Excel Object Hierarchy , developing User defined Functions , custom utilities , Automating various excel tasks.

  5. Generate Solutions : Financial Modeling

  6. In this Module 3 case studies are discussed from various domains of finance or Live case studies from candidate’s work profile can also be discussed. These case studies develop Skills to make end to end solutions using Advance Excel and VBA techniques which are scalable and flexible enough to meet the dynamic needs of today’s work environment.

Financial Modeling Course , Project Finance Models , Loan Amortization , Derivative Models , Creating Flexible Charts , Project Finance Statements , Scenario Analysis , Dcf Valuation Models , Montecarlo Simulation , Excel Formulas , Data Tables , V Lookup , H lookup , Goal Seek , Scenario Manager , Solver , Vba Macros


Course Duration and Fees

fm module duration

Course Faculty: Gaurav Gangwal, CFA, FRM, B.Tech (IT), MBA

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