Microsoft Excel has created incredible efficiencies in Business Planning, tax planning, auditing, finance, marketing and accounting industries. Excel is widely-used by many businesses to manage, track and analyze company data. Excel is also used to track and manage personal finances. Excel is the most-used Spread sheet program in the business world.

Excel provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis, Statistical analyses of databases with hundreds of thousands of records to complex estimation tools with user-friendly front ends. And unlike traditional statistical programs, it provides an intuitive interface that lets user see what happens to the data as he manipulates them.

This course explores the power of excel and its usage in business, Finance, Marketing, accounting industry.

Who should do?

Advance Excel Skill is required in almost all the profiles involving Excel / Spread sheet Usage. It is seamlessly used in Accounting & Taxation Profiles , Business & Marketing Planning profiles , Back office Profiles , MIS reporting Profiles . Nowadays it is expected from most of the professional like CA / MBA / ICWA and required by graduates for most of the office jobs involving Excel usage.

Course curriculum

Understanding Excel Environment

  • Understanding basic layout of tool Excel
  • Understanding Spreadsheet Basics.

Excel Functions

  • Text functions ( Upper, Lower, Value , Fixed ,Text,Find ,Left , Mid etc)
  • Date and Time functions ( Now , Today , Datevalue , Datedif etc )
  • Lookup Functions ( Vlookup , Hlookup , Match , Index etc)
  • Financial Functions
  • Logical Functions ( If then Else , And , Or , Not etc)
  • Miscellaneous Functions ( SumIF, SumIFS , Sumproduct etc)
  • Complex Examples involving Multiple Functions like Nested If , Vlookup , Match , index etc


  • Formatting rows,columns and cells
  • Using conditional formatting option for rows, columns and cells
  • Custom Conditional Formatting
  • Working with Styles

Excel Efficiency Shortcuts


  • Working with Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Working with 3D Charts
  • Working with Secondary axis
  • Working with Different Chart Elements
  • Using Different Chart Types ( Column , Stacked Column , Line , Bar , Pie, candle stick etc)
  • Pivot Charts

Data utilities

  • Using External Data Sources
  • Working with Tables
  • Filtering (Auto Filter)
  • Advance Filter
  • Sorting
  • Multilevel Sorting
  • Inserting Different Objects , Symbols
  • Removing Duplicates
  • Data Validation
  • Text to column

Printing and View Utilities

  • Page Setup and Printing utilities
  • View Utilities

Working with Reports

  • Pivot Table : Learn how to unleash the power of Pivot table to create desired reports from a given Data.
  • Pivot charts
  • working with Subtotals
  • Consolidate data from number of Sheets

 General Excel Utilities

  • Formula Auditing
  • Inserting Different objects like Shapes , SmartArt , Mathematical Equations , Symbols
  • Security and Sharing

What If Analysis

  • Goal Seek
  • Data Tables
  • Scenario Manager

Course duration: 20 hours

Course Fees: Rs 6000