Finance covers any decision made by firms which have financial implications. Thus, there is finance aspect to almost every action taken by a firm, no matter which functional area claims responsibility for it. Managers in every Function Need to understand its importance and relevance while making Business Decision . The Program objective is to raise the financial Awareness of the Professionals and enable them to make better short term or long term decisions in their business functions .

Who Can Attend

This program is designed for Head of Functions Like HR, Production, Sales & Marketing, Senior managers , Middle level Managers and executives in non financial Positions who need to improve the financial Skills required to make critical business Decisions involving Budgets , Cost Management , New projects etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the implications of finance on various corporate activities
  • Basic Principles of Financial Valuation
  • Understand and interpret financial statements
  • Prepare P&L and budget for their functions/departments
  • Understand the importance of cost in decision-making and identify areas for cost reduction
  • Understand working capital and its management

Topics to be covered

  1. Time Value of Money : Interest rates , Compounding , Discounting of cash Flows
  2. Understanding and Interpreting Financial Statements.
    • Profit & Loss Statement
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow statement
    • Profit V/s Cash Flow
  3. Financial Analysis : Ratio Analysis (Profitability , Liquidity , Return on Capital ratios)
  4. Capital Budgeting Tools
    • Capital projects
    • Net Present Value (NPV)
    • Internal Rate of return (IRR)
    • Payback Period & Discounted Payback Period
  5. Cost of Capital
  6. Working Capital Management
    • Working Capital Cycle
    • Working Capital Financing
    • Cash Management Investment Policy
    • Accounts Receivable Management
    • Inventory Management
    • Accounts Payable Management
  7. Foreign Exchange Implications
  8. Recent Advances in Finance

Faculty: Gaurav Gangwal , CFA, FRM