About Financial Risk Manager (FRM) Program

  1. Globally Recognized professional qualification for Banking, Finance and Risk Management Professionals conducted by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP , USA).
  2. FRM program concentrates in a niche area of Financial products and Associated risk Management.
  3. FRM community is growing with 26000 FRM holders across world representing nearly every Banking Institution , Financial Services Institution , consulting Firms and Government Regulator.

FRM Program Roadmap

  1. Eligibility: There are no Educational or professional Prerequisites for appearing in FRM Exams. A 12th Class passed/ Graduate /CA / MBA / BE /B.Tech pursuing candidate can register for the Program.
  2. Pass Two Part exams : Part 1 and Part II, both can be taken twice a year ( May or November)
  3. Demonstrate two year relevant work Experience taken before, after or during the Exams.
  4. Become Certified Financial Risk Manager.

Why FRM ?

  1. Understand Complex Financial Products.
  2. Best Suitable Curriculum for Banking and Financial Institutions.
  3. Benchmarks the candidates knowledge about Financial Risk Management disciplines of Market risk , credit Risk , Operational Risk and risk Management in Investment Management.
  4. Ability to network with world’s leading Financial risk Managers and expand the professional opportunities within the world of Finance.
  5. FRM Certified Professionals are more desirable to Executive recruiters and Hiring Managers for Risk Management / Core Banking Profiles.

FRM is a Good Career Option for:

  1. Working Professionals in Financial Institutions like Banks ,Mutual Funds , Stocks & commodity Brokers , Insurance , Wealth Management and hedge Funds.
  2. Working Professional in IT companies catering to banking and Finance Industry.
  3. Candidates Pursuing UG courses in Commerce as well as Engineering Domain ( 12th passed Student) looking for a career in Banking ,Fiinance & Risk management
  4. Candidates Pursuing CA / MBA / Actuary /CFA.

Industries Employing Certified FRMs

  1. Investment banks
  2. Commercial banks
  3. Central banks
  4. Asset management firms
  5. Corporations (including nonfinancial corporations)
  6. Consulting firms like PWC , KPMG , Deloitte ,E&Y etc
  7. Hedge funds
  8. Mutual Funds
  9. Insurance firms
  10. Credit agencies
  11. Government/regulatory agencies
  12. Risk and technology Vendors

FRM Course and Exam Structure

Part 1 Exam consists of 100 MCQs in 4 hours. Preparation Time for Part 1 can be between 250 hours to 400 hours depending on candidate’s Work Experience, previous qualifications and analytical capability. .

Part 2 Exam Consists of 80 MCQs in 4 hours. Average Time needed to Study is 250 Hours.

Benefits of Studying at Eduascent Institute of Finance

  1. 100 hours of Comprehensive Classroom Program.
  2. 2 Mock tests Before Exam
  3. Weekend classes for Working Executives / Weekday Morning batch are also available.
  4. Online Access to Study Material (Presentations , Explanation , Models , Notes, Question Bank)
  5. Additional Maths Course for Students who did not had mathematics in their higher secondary or candidates who feel the need of revision of Basic Mathematics Concepts needed in finance.
  6. Training Sessions are designed to demonstrate the use of course content into real world situations
  7. Recordings of Live Online Class Available for Online Live Class Students.
  8. FRM / CFA qualified Faculty.

Fees Structure

Course Faculty: Gaurav Gangwal, CFA, FRM


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is graduation necessary for FRM?

Answer: There are no minimum eligibility requirements for appearing in the FRMexam. However, in order to be certified as a Financial Risk Manager, the following arerequired: A passing score on the FRM Examination.

Is FRM easy?

The exam difficulty is much more than CFA and other finance related course. If you are a finance major then FRM Part I is almost as similar & easy to pass. However, passing FRM Part II needs advanced undergraduate coursework like Market Risk Analysis & Credit Risk Analysis & Basel III to save time.

How many hours is frm?

So, plan to spend at least 200 to 240 hours studying. GARP reports that the average time of study is 275 hours, and that some candidates study up to 400 hours. You’ll receive your exam results by email about six weeks after you take the exam.

What is the passing score for FRM exam?

To our knowledge, no one has ever received a perfect score on the FRM Exam. 70% has always been a good approximation of the passing score needed. This means you can miss 30% of the questions and still pass.

How much does FRM exam cost?

CFA vs FRM Cost of Certification

To take the FRM exam, be prepared to pay a $400 enrollment fee in addition to thecosts of each exam. Part I costs $875 and Part II costs $475. You can expect to pay $1,050 – $1,500 to become an FRM.

Is FRM worth in India?

As the industry values as per following; experience > degree > certification. … FRMcertification is not mandatory in risk field; I have MBA colleagues without FRM. However the scope of FRM both in terms of knowledge and job prospects is immense in both India and Abroad. Its a golden standard analogous to CFA.

How long does it take to prepare for FRM Level 1?

This helped me develop a speed in the exam to complete a question within 2–3 minutes. By regular practice you get the taste of how to tackle the question. On an average, you preparation should take 3–3.5 months.

How many exams are there in FRM?

FRM Exam Format

The FRM Exam Part I and Part II are pencil-and-paper, multiple-choice exams. They are offered solely in English, twice a year in May and November, at over 100 examsites around the world.

Is the FRM exam multiple choice?

The Two Parts of the FRM Exam

Part II of the Exam consists of 80 equally weighted multiplechoice questions and is offered in the afternoon. … Most FRM Exam candidates choose to take Part I and Part II on separate exam days.

Who should do FRM certification?

Financial Risk Manager (FRM) refers to a professional designation issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The GARP FRM accreditation is globally recognized as the premier certification for financial risk professionals.

Is Passport required for FRM Exam?

To sit for the FRM Exam you will need an original government issued passport, remember it has to be current and unexpired. If not passport, you can also carry your original valid government driver’s license that includes your photograph.

What are the subjects in FRM?

The topics of the FRM exams are:
  • Foundations of risk management.
  • Quantitative analysis.
  • Financial markets and products.
  • Valuation and risk models.
  • Market risk measurement and management.
  • Operational and integrated risk management.
  • Credit risk measurement and management.
  • Risk management and investment management.

What is the salary of FRM in India?

FRM Salary

The average salary of FRM in India is INR 900,000

What is the meaning of FRM?

Financial Risk Manager (FRM) refers to a professional designation issued by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The GARP FRM accreditation is globally recognized as the premier certification for financial risk professionals.